Check out the photos from the Filipino Heritage Night meet-up by FYP here!

Over 2,000 Filipinos gathered together in New York during Filipino Heritage Night at the Brooklyn Nets and we want to do the same thing here in DC! Come join us to the Annual Filipino Heritage Night at the Washington Wizards on January 4, 2020. We partnered with the Filipino American Basketball Association of DC for this event and we urge all the Filipinos to participate, meet each other, and celebrate our culture.

Meet-up bar/restaurant will be announced closer to the game. We will meet up to grab drinks and food and head over to the game together!

Tickets sales are still active and you may order them by emailing FYP-DC will be seating in the upper-level sideline if you would like to mingle with fellow young professionals! Buy your tickets and RSVP below (on Facebook) today.[0]=68.ARC5gm-5hBcZw4HiK9-x_1p9COY2oZkOVk61UWFePDSsL4PHkeLFdQFc_0HIBGKQIMl3lQoOyhwFa5Ttmkh4qbxQAOZXbQxJc3vAylpAC-J0ajg4aUvrOYRdvXMu4iuoh3s8tiocsJS96bhutBeg3KQ87kpt_1mfUSqUHkhbP-OxjlhTMyyqTfWU6RGEjpp4x1lvqNr1PkBF_Q9XoqHhoGzaNgY_McuF4pQx-92vmk0DtAakmJaKMVSG7jO31qmZ2YB0cBLoa8_i8eHySB68EC4VChw2hQjJ8B4LzVy3lr0XHZqWSAApzSJZHK21ZywPytoImDUnlISJah6vZoxfRcKjmg&__tn__=-R