This month’s spotlight goes to John and Philip!

John is the Owner of Polianna, LLC. Meanwhile, Philip is an Insurance sales agent with Aflac. John describes the mentoring program as a great opportunity for him and Philip:

“We’ve attended several business networking events together, and he’s really grown as a professional since the start of our mentorship together. He invited me to a networking event last week, and he had 8 guests he brought while most people just came with themselves or 1 other person. He’s been a constant source of referrals to other business professionals and has been engaging with several community organizations as a volunteer such as NAAAP and PACC. The one word I’d used to describe him since the start of the mentorship is that he is becoming a “Go-Giver!” (a play on words of Go-Getter). Thank you for putting together the program!”

We are happy to hear that John and Philip are getting along so well and connecting further with the AAPI community! Keep an eye out for more mentoring spotlights in FYP’s next newsletter.