FYP-DC 2019 Annual Leadership Conference

When: September 28, 2019, 9 am – 4 pm

Where: The George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs

The Filipino Young Professionals of Washington DC (FYP-DC) invite you to attend our 2019 Annual Conference on September 28, 2019.

This year’s theme is “Tagumpay Natin” (Our Success) and we carefully curated this conference to provide you with invaluable information to jumpstart your pathway to personal and professional success. The conference will feature speakers and workshops focusing on professional development, Filipino American identity, and more.

The stories provided by current and previous generations of successful Filipinos will pave the way to success not only for these individuals, but the Filipino community as a whole. Our panels include Filipino-Americans in Government and Military, Filipino-American Resiliency and Advocacy, Self-Branding and Entrepreneurship and Two Sides of the Same Experience: The History of Filipinos in DC. Read full descriptions of our workshops below. For more information, please reach us at hello@old.fypdc.org

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Conference Schedule


Keynote by Rodney Salinas

Panel: “Two Sides of the Same Experience” 
All Plenary: Filipino American History in Washington, DC
Hosted by Rita M. Cacas Foundation, INC

Lunch and Networking Break 

Workshop: “You as a Brand” – How to Enhance Your Online Presence for Personal and Professional Success

Networking Break

Panel A: “Filipino-Americans in Government”

Panel B: “Filipino-American Resiliency and Advocacy”

Networking Break

Keynote by Malaka Gharib
Award Presentation

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Opening Keynote: Rodney Salinas
The Keynote Speaker opening for the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference is Rodney Salinas, who was a former FYP Board Member. Rodney Salinas currently serves as the Market Leader and Director of Sales for Fooda in the DC region. He uses his role as a business leader in the hospitality industry to promote Filipino American culture across all communities.

Closing Keynote: Malaka Gharib
The Keynote Speaker closing for the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference is Malaka Gharib, who is the author of the graphic Memoir titled, “I was their American Dream.” Born to a Filipina mother and an Egyptian father, Malaka’s book is a heartfelt tribute to immigrant families who have invested their future in the promise of the American dream.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Malaka is currently a journalist at NPR in Washington, D.C. where she reports about global health and development. In addition, she is the founder of the Runcible Spoon food zine as well as the co-founder of the DC Art Book Fair. In her free time, Malaka loves making mini zines, doodling, and leaving nice messages for people on the bus. Don’t miss out! We hope to see you there.

Panel: “Two Sides of the Same Experience” 
Panelists: Rita Cacas, Titchie Carandang-Tiongson, Erwin Tiongson, and Nila Straka (Hosted by Rita M. Cacas Foundation, INC)
A panel that will provide the audience an opportunity to learn more about the first Filipino settlers and their identities as Filipinos living in the DC area. The panelists will present archived sources and photos from the 1930s to the 1950s to create an understanding of the difference lifestyles of the current and the past generations.  **This panel will be filmed and camera crew will be present**

Workshop: “Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship”
Facilitators: Kimi Van Santos and John Victoria
An interactive workshop that will help the audience develop and improve their personal brand. The facilitators will explore why personal branding is important and how they have successfully leveraged it in their entrepreneurial careers. Through interactive activities, the audience will leave this workshop with knowledge of how to best present themselves both online and in person.

Panel A: “Filipino-Americans in Government and Military”
Panelists: Laureen Laglagaron, Katrina Laygo, and Dr. Marlon Tingzon
A panel that will provide lessons learned from successful individuals in the field of government and military. Panelists will share their stories of success, challenges, and and how their Filipino identity have helped them within their fields and how they overcame adversities. Audience will come out of this panel with knowledge on how to leverage their Filipino identities to succeed or land a job in the government or the military. 


Panel B: “Filipino-American Resiliency and Advocacy”
Panelists: Bianca Rey, Aristotle Evia, and Erwin Tiongson
A panel that will provide an insight to the strong characteristics and resiliency of Filipinos during challenging moments of their lives and careers. The panelists will share stories from their experience that will cover advocacy work from topics such as environmental law, international affairs, and LGBTQ affairs.  

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who made this conference possible. We would love it if you support these individuals and businesses!

Special thanks to our individual sponsors who contributed to this year’s conference!

  • Dr. Randy Lizardo
  • Sylvia Cabus
  • Rodney Salinas
  • RJ Diokno
  • Mike Reyes
  • Mark Arevalo
  • Christal Simanski
  • All FYP Alumni who donated to make this conference possible!

Special thanks to our volunteers!

  • Justine Suegay
  • Bianca Castro
  • Josh Cruz
  • Arvin Manalaysay
  • Christine Savino
  • Lashay Renaud
  • Cheska Dela Cruz
  • Eli Dela Cruz
  • Keith Preciados
  • Gabe Galves and his GW PCS team

Lastly, we thank our former FYP leadership for helping us plan the conference, Mark Arevalo, Christal Simanski, and John Victoria.